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AMENORRHEA DEFINITION – it is the absence of menstrual flow

1. Primary – menstruation fails to begin before age 16.
2. Secondary amenorrhea definition – menstruation begins at an appropriate age but stops for 3 or more months without normal physiological causes, like pregnancy, lactation or menopause.

AMNESIA – disturbance or loss of memory.

1. Anterograde – memory loss of events that occurred after the onset of causative trauma or disease.
2. Retrograde – memory loss of events that occurred before the onset.

ANALGESIA – absence of sensitivity to pain.

ANHIDROSIS – abnormal deficiency of sweat.

1. Generalized – can lead to a life threatening impairment of thermoregulation
2. Localized – affects a small percentage of the body’s eccrine or sweat glands.

ANOREXIA – lack of appetite in the presence of a physiologic need for food.

ANURIA – urine output of less than 100 ml in 24 hours.

APHASIA – impaired expression or comprehension of written or spoken language.

1. Anomic – resolves in more than 50% of patients
2. Global – irreversible
3. Broca’s – expressive aphasia
4. Wernick’s – receptive aphasia

APNEA – cessation of spontaneous respiration.

ASTERIXIS – liver flap or flapping tremor. Online nursing classes learns that it is a bilateral, coarse movement with a sudden relaxation of muscle groups holding a sustained posture. It is common in the wrists and fingers.

ATAXIA – incoordination and irregularity of voluntary, purposeful movements.

1. Cerebellar – results from the disease of the cerebellum and causes gait, trunk, limb and speech disorders.
2. Sensory – results from impaired position sense (proprioception) and causes gait disorders.

AURA – sensory or motor phenomenon, idea, or emotion that marks the initial stage of seizure.

1. Affective – with fear, paranoia, and other emotions
2. Cognitive – Déjà vu (familiarity with unfamiliar events or environments), Flash back of past events, Jamais vu (unfamiliarity with a known event), time standing still
3. Psychomotor – automatisms (inappropriate repetitive movements), lip smacking, chewing, swallowing, grimacing, picking at clothes, climbing stairs
4. Psychosensory• Auditory – buzzing or ringing in the ears
• Gustatory – acidic, metallic, or bitter tastes
• Olfactory – foul odors
• Tactile – numbness or tingling
• Vertigo
• Visual – flashes of light

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