Antepartum Definition Mnemonics

Pictures below are the Mnemonics for Antepartum Definition. Look and learn how to memorize it easily.

Signs of Pregnancy

Changes In the female physiology usually occur during pregnancy. Systems affected are the following:

1. Reproductive System
• Uterus
• Cervix
• Ovaries
• Vagina
• Breast

2. Integumentary System
• Striae gravidarum
• Linea nigra
• Chloasma
• Pigmentation

3. Metabolic Changes
• Weight gain
• Water metabolism
• Protein metabolism
• Carbohydrate metabolism
• Fat metabolism
• Iron metabolism

4. Endocrine System
• Placenta
• Pituitary

5. Cardiovascular Changes
• Heart
• Circulation• Hematologic

6. Respiratory System
• Ventilation
• Diaphragm
• Thoracic cage

7. Urinary System
• Ureters

Prenatal Care

A nursing or medical care for women before and during pregnancy is called Prenatal Care. Schedule for prenatal visits typically looks like this:

• Once a month during the first six (6) months
• Twice a month during the seventh (7) and eight (8) month
• And weekly in the ninth month

You are considered high risk if you are above 35 years old, diabetic or hypertensive.

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