clinical nurses

by bedilu tadesse

I am interesting to do this job where ever when ever.

Thank you

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Typical percentages of questions on the NCLEX RN exam are as follows: 13-19% management of care, 8-14% safety and infection control, 6-12% health promotion and maintenance, 6-12% psychosocial integrity, 6-12% basic care and comfort, 13-19% pharmacological and parenteral therapies, 13-19% reduction of risk potential, and 11-17% physiological adaptations. To address these questions, we accumulate different questions from different nclex books for you to practice. You can find these questions at the end of this page.

Students have different learning styles to acquire knowledge, that is why we also include Flashcards like our page: Nursing Mnemonics to  benefit you because according to some studies; retention of information is greater if our eyes see the pictures of the said information. But of course, it is up to you to take advantage of such method.

Some students always ask, "How can I pass the NCLEX Exam?"

Passing the said exam is not easy task. Although we cannot do that for you but we can give some advice to grab that dream of yours. Here is the answer. It is not ours to begin with, we read it in an online article in the internet but we are touched by the student answer after passing the NCLEX exam. She said "ACT LIKE STUDYING IS YOUR JOB." That's it, she passed the exam after doing this method even though according to her, she is not a bright student during her college years.

I hope that after you finished these questions and read the rationale behind the correct answers, you can somehow be ready to use critical thinking in answering your future actual NCLEX Nursing Licensing Exam.

But before Online Nursing CEUS releases you, we also include some very useful links that you can visit to further help you in preparing for the NCLEX nursing licensing exam. Visit the links below for some NCLEX practice test: