CRNE Prep Course
Short Answer Questions Case 3

CRNE Prep Course Case 3: A nurse works in a health centre of a factory of more than 450 employees. For some time, management has been concerned about the increasing number of accidents occurring in the same department. Management asks the nurse to focus on this problem. The nurse joins the factory's health and safety committed to develop a strategic plan.

1. To gather data, the nurse uses various sources of information that are available. Identify two appropriate sources of information in this situation that would enable the nurse to define more clearly the incidents and risks factors.

a) ____________________

b) ____________________

2. Following analysis of the data gathered, the nurse finds that some workers are not wearing their safety equipment. Promoting the wearing of safety equipment to the workers is part of what level of health promotion?

a) ____________________

3. The nurse wants to increase the number of workers who correctly wear their safety equipment on the job. To increase the chances of success, the nurse must secure the participation of which group of people in developing the safety promotion plan?

a) ____________________

4. Identify two appropriate social marketing techniques to promote the wearing of safety equipment to the workers.

a) ____________________

b) ____________________

CRNE Prep Course:
Answers and Rationale

For three points, list any 2 of the following answers:

- Location of the accident
- injured workers
- accident reports

Rationale: The location of the accident, the injured workers, and the accident report are all appropriate sources of data for identifying the causes and ultimately implementing preventive measures.

2. For three points, list the following answer:

- primary prevention

Rationale: The workers are at high risk of injuries and accidents.

3. For three points, For three points, list the following answer:

- The workers

Rationale: Participation of the people targeted in all stages of the project will increase their autonomy, foster a desire and to change and encourage their self-determination.

4. For three points, list any 2 of the following answers:

- internal publicity
- poster in the factory
- internal newsletter
- word of mouth
- training session
- information booth

Rationale: Aimed directly at the workers targeted by the strategy.

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