CVA Stroke during the Ancient Times - Heart Attack of Ramses II

CVA Stroke Bows to NO ONE! 

Even the Pharaohs of Egypt are among its victims.

The world is dazzled about the grandeur of the Pharaohs of Egypt (leader of one of the oldest civilization). The pyramids that serve as a tomb for the dead pharaohs; the way they bury them (including all slaves and wealth); and the process called “mummification”.

It seems that the world is still hypnotized by the Pharaohs until now since many books are written in their behalf and even movies are made to show its greatness. One of the movie that the admin of the online nursing classes personally recommend is “The Mummy”.

If you have watched the movie; examine the villain. A man wrapped with strips of white linen (not tissue paper) and obviously soaked with natron to prevent decomposition and to speed dehydration (mummification). This process is done to preserve the body in accordance with their faith about immortality.

But do Pharaohs do have “well-built and athletic body” like the villain in the movie after he was fully resurrected?

According to Dr. Richard G. Mendoza, MPH, PhD from his article “International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition” published in the magazine “Health and Lifestyle”, archeologist discovered 3,000 year old mummies that show evidence of diabetes and atherosclerosis, including that of Ramses II.

Of course, the does not exist during that time but the fact that this substance exist since the “6th day of creation” cannot be denied.

Evidenced shows that Pharaohs of Egypt died mostly because of Cardiovascular Diseases or CVA Stroke (one of the top ten killer today). Upon autopsy, their veins and arteries showed to be clogged. Maybe caused by their diet that are high in fat, which includes pork and sugar plus they have the Hebrews that serves as their servants during that time.

Predisposing factors of the killer (cardiovascular diseases) seems to work even during the first early dynasty (Egyptian Dynasty) and even the Pharaohs who claimed to be descendants of “Ra” (sun god) did not escaped from its wrath.

Today, Pharaohs does not exist anymore; but people who are living with the lifestyle of the Pharaohs are everywhere; “Dreaming to have long life but enjoying to live the life of those who wear a crown”.

To defeat this killer (Cardiovascular Disease) is so simple, you just need to have a:

• healthy lifestyle
• avoid smoking
• moderate alcohol intake; since some study suggest that a little bit of brandy is good for the heart
• proper diet like fruits and vegetables
• proper exercise and
• avoid stress

Now, if you feel that the killer (heart disease) is after you; online nursing classes suggest that you run (exercise)!

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