PRC/NLE Jurisprudence Nursing Practice Test (1-5)

Jurisprudence Nursing Practice Test

1. The Republic Act that refers to the Magna Carta of Public Health Workers:

a. R.A. 2382
b. R.A. 2644
c. R.A. 7305
d. R.A. 6425

2. Republic Act -7164 knows as the “Nursing Act of 1991” embodies the Regulation of Practice of Nursing in the Philippines. A member of the board of Nursing must be:

a. Citizens of the Philippines
b. RN and holder of Master Degree
c. 10 years of continuous practice of the profession
d. All of the above

3. A nurse gives a wrong medication to a client. Another nurses employed by the hospitals, as a risk manager will expect to receive which following communications?

a. Incident Report
b. Oral report from the nurse
c. Copy of medication Kardex
d. Jurisprudence Nursing

4. Performing a procedure on a client in the absence of informed consent can lead to which of the following charges?

a. Fraud
b. Harassment
c. Assault and battery
d. Breach of confidentiality

5. A nurse is witnessing consent from a client before a cardiac catheterization. Which of the following factors is a component of informed consent?

a. Freedom from coercion
b. Durable power of attorney
c. Private insurance coverage
d. Disclosure of previous answers given by the client

Jurisprudence Nursing Practice Test

1) C
- R.A. 7305 is the “Magna Carta for the Public Health Workers” with objectives to promote and improve the social and economic well-being of health workers; develop their skills and capabilities; and encourage those qualified and with abilities to remain in government service.A- Philippine Medical Act B- Midwifery Law D- Dangerous Drug Act

2) D
- Qualifications to be a member of the Board of Nursing are;(1) be a citizen and resident of the Philippines; (2) be a member in good standing of the accredited national nurse’s association; (3) be a RN and holder of a master’s degree in Nursing conferred by a college or university duly recognized by the government; (4) have at least 10 years of continuous practice of nursing prior to appointment; (5) not a holder of a green card or its equivalent; and (6) not have been convicted of any offense involving moral turpitude even if previously extended pardon by the President of the Philippines.

3) A
- Incident report is a record of an accident or incident. This report is used to make all facts about an accident available to agency personnel, to contribute to statistical data about accidents and incidents, and to help personnel prevent future accidents. All accidents are usually reported on incident forms. The report should be completed within 24 hours of the incident.

4) C
- Before any medical or surgical procedure can be performed on a patient, consent must be obtained from the patient or his authorized representative. It is only in emergency cases that consent requirement does not apply. The intentional touching or unlawful beating of another person without authorization to do so is a legal wrong called battery.

5) A
- The essential elements of an informed consent include (1) the consent must be given voluntarily; (2) the consent must be given by an individual with the capacity and competence to understand; (3) the client must be given enough information to be an ultimate decision maker.

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