Medical Terminology Flashcards

Medical Terminology Flashcards will help you to understand the different medical terms of different medical conditions.”

Careful research and consultation to different medical and nursing books have taken into consideration before posting any of this medical terminology to ensure that only precise information will be disseminated.

Online Nurses Classes dictionary was compiled for the benefit of all nurses especially nursing students. But even ordinary person can use this medical dictionary if he/she wants to learn about medical terminologies.

If you like to search more information about online nursing, just go back to the Medical Terminology Flashcards Homepage.

The links below this page was arranged alphabetically. Just click the link that contains the first letter of the word you are searching for.

- Letter A (Amenorrhea to Aura)

- Letter B (Babinski's reflex to Butterfly rash)

- Letter C (Carpopedal rash to Cyanosis)

- Letter D (Decerebrate - Dysuria)

- Letter E (Enuresis - Exopthalmos)

- Letter F (Fasciculations - Fetor Hepaticus)

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