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Nurseweek - the latest current events related to nursing is important not just for people who hold a nursing degree but also to to their family members. That is why we decided to bring you the latest nursing news and updates that happens around the globe.

Online nursing is active in reading news letters, watching news in the television, and searching the latest news in the net. The information gathered was posted in this page for the benefit of our subscribers who are mostly are nursing degree holder.

We will always update you about your different concerns, like for example, news about retrogression, status of nurses who are working outside their own country; and other related news that will surely entice the mind of our colleagues.

From this time onward, try to always visit this section for the latest news and updates about nursing, or if you want us to bring it directly to your e-mail, register to become one of the community members of Online Nursing CEUS - Nurseweek

The following links below are the latest news today. Click to full view the report.

- July 2010 Nursing Board Passers in the Philippines

- Filipino Physical Therapists banned in the U.S.?

- Nursing College Scandal

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