Nursing Mnemonics:
Nursing Concepts Made Easy

Nursing mnemonics is a device such as formula or rhyme used to aid nurses in remembering important information about the different nursing concepts.

Its purpose is to assist the memory of the nurse to easily memorize a certain concept by using a pattern consists of letters or words or rhyming words or poems

Mnemonic came from a Greek word mnēmonikos, from mnēmōn mindful, from mnasthai to remember.

A collection of mnemonics are presented below to help increase your memories and learning in nursing. It will surely help people with memory that is bad as mine.

To make your life easier, you can rely on a large palate of mnemonics to get all information needed to pass a certain nursing licensure examination; local or even international.

So fasten your seat-belt, hold on to your armchairs and begin to memorize this huge bulk of

nursing mnemonics from the links below.

Good Luck (hehe).

- Acid-Base Mnemonics

- Antepartum

- Assessment Part I

- Assessment Part II

- Assessment Part III

- Basic Care I

- Basic Care II

- Basic Care III

- Canes and Walkers

- Inflammatory Exudate

- Nursing Process Mnemonics

- Transfusion Reaction

Nursing Mnemonics also offer all the necessary materials to pass the NCLEX Exam. If you are interested, we offer this package in a very low price. See this link:

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We also offer Methods to Master the Fundamentals of Nursing. If you are interested, visit this link:

Fundamentals Test Bank

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