Online Bachelor Degrees in Psychology

What is Online Bachelor Degrees in Psychology?

The focus of study of this course is Behavior; including the physical and environmental bases of emotional, mental and neurological activity of such individual.

This program provides you with a broad understanding of psychology and its relevance in today's society.

It will help you to apply your knowledge about psychological theories to present issues in psychology.

What are the Different Types of Bachelor's Degree Programs in Psychology?

B.S. in Psychology
Psychology Applied in Everyday Life

This program is for those who have general interest in psychology. It can help you acquire a solid foundation and wisdom on psychological principles and practices that are related to many different occupations.

B.S. in Psychology
Psychology Applied in Helping Professions

If your profession is related to counseling or social work and wants to acquire knowledge in psychology, you can fully prepare for an advanced degree by choosing this program.
It will help you enhance your knowledge in research, statistics, and data analysis needed for applicable diagnoses for different psychological illnesses.

B.S. in Psychology
Psychology Applied in the Workplace

This program can help you to apply psychology to a nonprofit, government, or business environment. You can learn the fundamentals of decision-making and how to solve group issues by applying conflict management.

There are many online bachelor degrees in psychology to choose from like Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology that are offered by different institution.

One of them is PENN State World Campus; they offer two bachelor's degree programs in psychology with courses offered completely online:

• The Bachelor of Arts in psychology – focuses in social-services and wants to pursue a master’s degree in psychology.

• The Bachelor of Science in Psychology – for people who wants to integrate psychology in business - such as human resources, management, leadership development, and marketing.

Other well-known institutions like Universities.Com,, WorldWideLearn and California Southern University also offer different degrees on psychology. If you are interested, you can visit them and take a look for the programs offered.

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