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Answer my Health Question
Credible Answers to Your Most Important Health and Medical Questions. Also within this valuable site are: Symptom Checker (best online);Most Common Medical Symptom site reference; Nutrition, Health and Fitness Articles; Healthy Living Page - contains Grapefruit Diet, Low Cholesterol Diet and Mediterranean Diet.

Truforte Outlet
Offers information on vitamins, minerals, herbs,and other nutritional supplements. Includesvitamins function in the body, whichdiseases/disorders may benefit from certainvitamins as well as symptoms and causes ofdeficiency.

Antioxidants are vital to obtaining and maintaining good health.
Naturally occurring nutrients from whole foods aid in weight loss,provide energy and enhance brain function, and aid in the management and prevention of a myriad of diseases and conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson's, skin conditions and more.

Heartburn Remedies
Top 20 Heartburn Remedies. An HONcode certified guide to acid reflux, heartburn and GERD: with illustrations and videos. Covers diagnosis, treatments, complications, medications and more.

Elderly Care
Are you looking for elderly care in the UK? The Good Care Group offer a range of care alternatives to elderly live in care homes. For more information on home care and live in care visit our website.

Care Homes
Care Homes Today is an online elderly care related website aimed at helping thousands of people find the perfect residential care homes throughout the UK each month.

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