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Different Online Nursing Degrees

1. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is not a nursing degree but considered as the entry level of the nursing field. CNA is commonly called as "nurse's aide" and only requires a few weeks of training.

A CNA is not considered a nurse but performs tasks directed by a nurse. Their job duties can include but are not limited to basic day-to-day non-invasive patient care such as assisting in dressing, feeding and bathing the patient, checking their vital signs and making beds.

2. Licensed practical nursing (LPN) or licensed vocational nursing (LVN) programs typically involve one year of training at a hospital, vocational technical school or community college. Graduates are eligible for licensure as an LPN or LVN after receiving their diploma or certificate. To earn an LPN license, you must pass a state administered nursing examination called the NCLEX-PN® examination.

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) is considered the basic nurses on the front lines of nursing care. And its training lasts about a year which includes both classroom and actual training. The LPN provides general care for patients, including taking vital signs, starting IVs, administering certain medications, changing wound dressings, helping in delivery rooms , basic phlebotomy, and daily intake-outtake monitoring.

LPNs/LVNs cannot fill doctor's orders directly; they must take their orders from higher level nurses. Associate of Science in Nursing Program on the second hand is a 2-year associate degree focuses more on skills than theory. It is also a good stepping stone to enter online nursing degrees and become a Registered Nurse (R.N).

3. Registered Nurses must have a four year bachelor's degree like Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing (BSN), an Associates of Nursing (ADN), or a Nursing Diploma program but some are still accepting RNs with a minimum of two years education and have an Associate Degree in Nursing offered by hospitals.

To become a Registerd Nurse (RN), you should passed a national licensing exam called NCLEX-RN exam (National Council Licensure Examination). If you want assistance on how to pass NCLEX-RN exam, Online Nursing CEUS has a Compilation of NCLEX Materials needed to pass the examination. You can also download our Thousands of different NCLEX Questions with Rationale

A Registered Nurse (RN) can perform all tasks of CNAs, LPNs, and LVNs and can take orders directly from doctors. They also administer IVs, give medications from oral to intravenous, assist in surgery and operate medical equipment, and administer care plans.

RNs today are heavily recruited for travel nursing positions.

4. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program - among the different online nursing degrees listed, BSN is a requirement for many positions. It is the entry point for professional nursing practice. Typically the first 1- to 2-years of the nursing program are spent fulfilling general education requirements, while the last two to three years are spent on nursing education courses with intensive internships.

The recommended professional degree and preferred by most nursing leaders for registered nurses is BSN.

Most BSN degrees will require students to successfully complete courses such as:

• Biology

• Microbiology

• Human Anatomy

• Pathophysiology

• Nutrition

• Sociology

• Chemistry

• Statistics

• Clinical rotations

• Community Nursing

• Nursing care of children

• Nursing care of the elderly

• Mental health nursing

BSN Graduates of Online Nursing Degrees May Continue to Study in Specialized Areas like:

• Emergency room care

• Home healthcare

• Mental health care

• Critical care

• Oncology

5. A Master of Science in Online Nursing Degrees

allows a nurse to specialize in a particular area. It is 18 – 24 months to finish. MSN can expect to concentrate their studies on a specific health-related topic such as geriatrics, pediatrics, or health care policy. MSN graduates are known in the nursing field as advanced practice nurses. In order to enter an MSN program, students typically must hold a BSN or RN licensure.

It is common for nurses to seek a master's degree in order to enter higher-paying positions, most often at the managerial level. Many nurses earn master's degrees in order to qualify for a particular specialization.

6. Doctorate Nursing Education Programs - These nursing programs set up nurses in health administration (a PhD is the preferred degree for nursing executives), advanced clinical practice and clinical research. This program will consume 4-6 years to complete with the goal of preparing leaders who can affect change through system redesign and evidenced-based decision making in a variety of clinical, organizational and educational settings.

Although it will take you long years to complete this program, you can expect enormous job offers within these coming years.

In a doctoral program everyone receives training in research methods (including statistics and data analysis), the history and philosophy of nursing science, and in leadership skills.

Online Nursing Degrees that are needed in the different health fields today are the following:

- Online Bachelor Degrees in Psychology

- Nursing Informatics Degree

Here are the different positions of Public Health Nurse in the Philippines:

- Nurse Supervisor at Provincial/City Level

- Nurse Instructor II

- Regional Training Nurse

- Regional Health Supervisor/Regional Public Health Nurse

- Nursing Program Supervisor

- Assistant Chief Nurse in Selected City Health Departments

- Chief Nurse in Selected City Health Departments and Health Offices (Nurse VII)

- Occupational Health Nurse

- Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor

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