Overview and Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Osteoarthritis symptoms and its general overview.


• Due to wear and tear of the cartilage caused by overused joints
• Mostly affected are the weight-bearing joints (knees, hip, and lower spine). This joints are inflamed
• Formation of bony buildup and loss of articular cartilage causing crepitus
• degenerative joint disease (hips and knees).

Causes of Osteoarthritis

• Idiopathic
• excessive use of a specific joints
• repeated joint injury
• old age and obesity

Osteoarthritis Symptoms and Signs

• limited ROM
• pain in motion
• compression of the spine as manifested by pain
• pain increases with activity
• joint stiffness and immobility
• muscle spasms
• skeletal muscle atrophy
Heberdens Nodes - bony nodules on distal finger joints
Bouchard's Node

Diagnosis of Osteoarthritis - X-ray

Treatment of Osteoarthritis

• Analgesics
• rest (best management)
• hot moist pack
• Paraffin wax (brushing technique)

Nursing Goals of Osteoarthritis

• to relieve pain
• to prevent further stress of joints (plan ADL or activity of daily living)
• to maintain regular exercise

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