Philippine Nursing Board Practice Test

The following Philippine Nursing Board Practice Tests comes from different review centers exists in the Philippines.

Motive of this practice test is to train nursing reviewees how to attack the questions correctly, not to give you leakage in any form.

If you are looking for any sort of leakage, you can not find it here.

Online nursing wants to help you to gain your license in the cleanest way possible.

There is no secret in passing the Nursing Board. The only tip that we can share is: "Invest time to study; it is a sure hit to pass."

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The following links below are the different NLE/PRC Practice Test:

Fundamentals of Nursing Practice Test

- Nursing Fundamentals (1-5)

- Nursing Fundamentals (6-10)

- Nursing Jurisprudence (1-5)
- Nursing Jurisprudence (6-10)

Med-Surg Practice Test

- Cardiovascular Nursing Questions (1-5)

- Cardiovascular Nursing Questions (6-10)

- Oncology Nursing Questions (1-5)
- Cancer Test Questions 6-10

- Endocrine System Practice Tests

- Gastrointestinal Nursing Practice Test (1-5)
- Gastrointestinal Nursing Practice Test (6-10)

- Integumentary Nursing Practice Test (1-5)
- Integumentary Nursing Practice Test (6-10)

- Immune and Hematology Practice Test (1-5)

- Musculoskeletal Practice Test (1-5)

- Neurosurgical Nursing Practice Test (1-5)

- Psychiatric Nursing Practice Test (1-5)

Reproductive Health Disorders Practice Test

- Reproductive Health Disorders (1-5)
- Reproductive Health Disorders (6-10)

Pediatric Disorders Practice Test

- Pediatric Nursing (1-4)
- Pediatric Nursing (5-10)

- Obstetric Nursing (1-5)

Philippine Nursing Board Recommended Readings:

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For more Nursing Practice Test for Local Board Exam, visit this site: NLE Practice Test

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