Psychiatric Nursing Quiz (NLE 1-5)

Psychiatric Nursing Quiz

1. A man at a pizza parlor verbally confronts the waiter for lack of attentiveness. Later, in the back room, the waiter spits on the man's pizza. This is an example of a behavior typical of which disorder?

a. Obsessive-compulsive
b. Narcissistic
c. Passive-aggressive
d. Dependent

2. Upon returning home from work, a young man discovers that his mother has been in a serious automobile accident. Initially, he responds to the news by stating, "No, I don't believe it. It can't be true." Which defense mechanism is he using?

a. Introjection
b. Suppression
c. Denial
d. Repression

3. Psychiatric nursing quiz about the nurse who is using drawing, puppetry, and other forms of play therapy while treating a terminally ill, school-age child. The purpose of these techniques is to help the child:

a. internalize his feelings about death and dying.
b. accept responsibility for his situation.
c. express feelings that he can't articulate.
d. have a good time while he's in the hospital.

4. In group therapy, a client angrily speaks up and responds to a peer, "You're always whining and I'm getting tired of listening to you! Here is the world's smallest violin playing for you." Which of the following roles is the client playing?

a. Blocker
b. Monopolizer
c. Recognition seeker
d. Aggressor

5. The nurse's goal in crisis intervention is to provide:

a. problem-solving techniques and structured activities.
b. an insight-oriented analytic approach.
c. medication to sedate the client.
d. nondirective techniques such as free association.

Psychiatric Nursing Quiz:
Answers and Rationale

1) C
- This is an example of a negative attitude and passive-agressive behavior to word demands for adequate performance. People with this disorder won't confront or discuss issues with others but will go to great lengths to "get even." Obsessive-compulsive disorder involves rituals or rules that interfere with normal functioning. A person with a narcissistic personality has an exaggerated sense of self-worth. A person with a dependent personality is submissive and frequently apologizes and backs down when confronted.

2) C
- Denial is the avoidance of reality by ignoring or refusing to acknowledge unpleasant incidents. This defense mechanism is used to allay anxiety immediately after a stressful event. Introjection is an intense form of identification in which one incorporates the values or qualities of another person or group into one's own ego structure. Suppression is the conscious analog of repression. A person intentionally uses suppression to consciously exclude material from awareness. Repression is the unconscious exclusion of painful episodes from awareness.

3) C
- Psychiatric nursing quiz answer - Children may not have the verbal and cognitive skills to express what they feel and may benefit from alternative modes of expression. It is important for the child to find a way to express internalized feelings. The child must also know that he is not to blame for this situation. In the process of doing play therapy, the child can also have fun, but that isn't the main goal of therapy.

4) D
- The aggressor is negative and hostile and uses sarcasm to degrade others. The role of the blocker is to resist group efforts. The monopolizer controls the group by dominating conversations. The recognition seeker talks about accomplishments to gain attention.

5) A
- Individuals in a crisis need immediate assistance. They are unable to solve problems and need structure and assistance in accessing resources. Clients in a crisis don't need lengthy explanations or have time to develop insight on their own. They might need medication but, in most cases, support and direction can be most helpful.

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