SLE Butterfly Rash
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Babinski’s reflex – it s a dorsiflexion of the great toe with extension and fanning of the other toes.

Barking Cough - it is a resonant, brassy, and harsh cough. It is part of a complex of signs and symptoms that characterize croup syndrome. It also indicates edema of the larynx and its surrounding tissues.

Barrel Chest – a rounded chest in which the anteroposterior diameter enlarges to approximate the transverse diameter. The diaphragm is depressed and the sternum pushed forward with the ribs attached in a horizontal fashion.

Battle’s sign – it is an ecchymosis over the mastoid process of the temporal bone. It is a sign of basilar skull fracture.

Biot’s respirations – an ominous and late sign of neurologic deterioration. It is characterized by an irregular and unpredictable rate, rhythm and depth.

Bony Crepitus - it is a palpable vibration or an audible crunching sound that results when one bone grates against another. It is a common sign of fracture but it can also happen when a bone is stripped of their protective articular cartilage grind against each other as they articulate (e.g. arthritis and degenerative joint disorders).

Bradycardia – it refers to a heart rate of less than 60 bpm.

Bradypnea – refers to respiration of fewer than 10 breath/min

Brudzinski’s sign – it is a flexion of the hips and knees in response to passive flexion of the neck. It signals meningeal irritation.

Bruits – a swishing sounds caused by turbulent blood flow. It is an indicator of life – or limb – threatening vascular disease.

SLE Butterfly rash – a rash that appears in a malar distribution across the neck and cheeks. It is a sign of systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE.

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